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Thursday, January 27th, 2005

Subject:Her we go!
Posted by:quixoticstars.
Time:7:33 pm.

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Sunday, January 2nd, 2005

Subject:Yeah yeah
Posted by:quixoticstars.
Time:7:31 am.
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Saturday, October 2nd, 2004

Posted by:killrokstarz.
Time:11:52 am.
Name Olivia
Age 15
Sex Femme
Location St. Augustine, FL

The real stuff
Post a peice of your work here.

Tickle Me Pink
lined intersections
trafficking numbers.
creating a boundary
between freedom and slavery.
lying in the margin
trapped by you
…and these blackened wires.
This poem (^^^) is about the margins on notebook paper (the little pink lines that run vertically), random, I know.

first client: 8 a.m.
already tired of cleaning your malevolent mess
hour long visits and prescription forms
as I pretend to be intrigued by your crestfallen tales
then the next
and the ones that will follow
all facsimiles of yours.
you will take the blue ones with breakfast
and yellow ones at night
soon to leave my cold white room
with the false theory
that everything will be fine.
For this poem, I adopted the voice of a psychiatrist (sp?).

Love isn't golden anymore
Unawkward silences
listening to every breath
while sleeping techno rhythems
make love in the back seat.
My heart is beating, pounding,
needing to be held
in your phone chord arms.
Passion flies to me through copper wire
as signal is lost
and your voice turns to an automated stranger.

Other Random Stuff

lean your head back
and stare deeply into this spectrum of neon hell.
these draping golden lashes
blanket our dreams to keep us warm
to save our eyes from the everlasting dark.
But can you see our reflection?

welcome to your paradise
over run by the technology that never was
living with the stories and lies
that paint your words
into the false indemnities of life.
And the sophomoric songs
that colonize a fraction
of our limpid soul.
Here, your best friend is your enemy
and you are always two minutes too damn late.
Welcome to your reality...
May I take your order?

My happiness is wrapped
in the boredom of yellow
Imprinted by a false smile
that leaves my tongue
a bitter white
This little motivation pill
threw me up
then dragged me down
the tunnel
of immunities
And all 73,000
hits I take
My mask only grows
to become my costume

my hands are coated
in brown sugar
a sweetener that kills on contact

do not fear
the power of
bitter choc-
to hate…

what if
lost your voice?
would you try to find it
or would you
forget it and
buy a new one?
too bad life isn’t that easy...

Oh how lovely!
This salty cool breeze
lingering through my fingers
with the equally hot sand
stuck between my toes
*so cliche' it is!*.
and breathless as I am
from the bleak antipathy of some life
I exult with the blithe waves
emancipating my body
as I spill my heart to the sea.
How I do indulge in here!

All is quiet
the gentle scent of fresh columbia
looms overhead
until a hushed bell rings
and the beauty dispersed
A frigid breeze glides in
followed by him
splinters grinding between his teeth
step step
"bold coffee black"
the counter boy runs
skipping through
the powdered ocean of brown
steaming styrofoam of burning love
oh, what passion sleeps in his calloused hands!
the scars of devotion merging with the lines of life!
pursed are his lips
as the rising heat dances
and i stare down
into my own cup
the blackness erupting as my lover slips in.
he sits

have we met before?
as i do not know your name...
you have hidden your eyes
behind a crumbled sheet of paper
not even sparing the words
grazing in the blue and white
oh, but please don't hide
i am just as scared as you.

Yeah, thats all for now.
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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

Subject:New Member
Posted by:shermeen0621.
Time:11:02 am.
Mood: by Adamus.
Name Shermeen
Age 19
Sex Female
Location London, England

The real stuff
Post a peice of your work here.

No Harm.
Your hand upon my skin
Your touch breathes fire within
Your muscular body on top of me
Rhythmically moving me
Shaking me to my core
I am transported to my paradise
Where I am untouchable
Where you cannot reach me
Where your fist cannot destroy my face
Where your anger can do me no harm
Where I am no longer walked upon
Where you no longer exist.
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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004

Subject:Ok, I will add a poem in here.. it seems fair.
Posted by:quixoticstars.
Time:5:35 am.
Mood: creative.
I've fallen from clouds.
Drifted from stars.
Only to find yet nothing.
Into the dark and desolate nights,
where comfort is a demonic creature.
He feeds on my flesh,and bones.
Scraping skin into the dirt.
Raping my soul into the ground.
Finding peace within me,
as I lay there numb.
Feeling joys in my anguish,
feeding on my lifeless warmth.
Stealing the fire from my eyes,
the red from my lips,
and leaving me dry
in the ground.

Copyright ©2004 Lauren Elizabeth Guy
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LiveJournal for Written_Pictures.

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You're looking at the latest 5 entries.